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Röding, P. F. [1798]
Citation: [Röding, P. F.] [1798]. Museum Boltenianum sive catalogus cimeliorum e tribus regnis naturæ quæ olim collegerat Joa. Fried Bolten, M. D. p. d. per XL. annos proto physicus Hamburgensis. Pars secunda continens conchylia sive testacea univalvia, bivalvia & multivalvia. - pp. [1-3], [1-8], 1-199. Hamburgi. (Trapp).
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Comments: Name of author "Peter Friedrich Röding" and date Sep 1798 printed on p. VIII.
Röding established many new names of species without description, with bibliographical references. In many cases Röding cited previously established names without using them, often from Gmelin's 1791 work. These citations should be regarded as bibliographical references (Art. 12.2.1) and not as implicit proposals of new replacement names. Röding did not indicate that he intended to replace a name for nomenclatural reasons (Art. 72.7, and Glossary), often he cited only Gmelin's subsequent usage of such names (and occasionally even in a restricted meaning, for example for certain varieties as in the case of Isogonum norma and I. gnomon where two different varieties presented by Gmelin 1791 were meant). In some cases the same previously established name was given as a bibliographical reference for various new names (example p. 145-146, 3 new names, each one with a reference to Gmelin 1791, subsequent use of Helix ampullacea Linnæus, 1758).
ICZN Op. 96, Direction 48 (21 Nov 1956): authorship of this "anomymously published" work is to be attributed to Röding (ICZN 1987: 316).
"Important and very scarce. Röding's names were long but certainly not universally neglected by the prominent 19th century conchologists. The descriptions are extremely short, and in German (merely German translations of the Latin names), but with many names there are references to existing descriptions and figures (Martini-Chemnitz, Lister, and others) rendering these names valid, often very well recognizable, and universally adopted from the beginning of the last century. Of the original 1798 edition only a few copies are known. There is also a slightly altered 1819 edition which is extremely rare too." (, 06/2005).
Digitized in 2008 from SUB Göttingen < ALT 2005 A 10>. The Göttingen copy is a reprint acquired in 2005. This reprint was produced from a microfiche copy of the facsimile reprint issued in 1906 by Sherborn & Sykes. Also digitised in 2009 by Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

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